Do I Really Need A Relocation Company?

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Relocating is challenging. While you are busy winding down and bidding farewell to family and friends, you also have to think about setting up in a new country.  Chances are, you will turn to Google to search for things like “cost of living in Singapore”, “expat friendly neighbourhoods in Singapore”, “how to get around in Singapore” or “will I ever get used to the heat and humidity” and the list goes on and on.

This DIY search process is painful! First, you have to swim through the wealth of information. Second, it’s hard to judge the credibility of online sources. For example, one’s experience on TripAdvisor might not match up to another person’s expectations. But fret not, relocation services offer a wide range of offerings that will make things a whole lot easier. Instead of stressing about moving, focus your time and energy to spend more time with your family and friends.

Relocation services include Temporary and Long-Term Accommodation Search, setting up of Bank Account and Mobile Plan; to name a few. Doing this on your own would require several hours of daily planning and research throughout your relocation journey. You’ll probably be tired after work and the last thing on your mind is to continue with the search. Good luck to you if you are in a different time zone, bet it will be hard to get anyone on the phone!

We’ve broken down what your relocation journey might look like:

Temporary Accommodation SearchEstimated Time Required
Research Options & Search for the Best Price

Pricing might be opaque and you will end up having to email the provider for rates

6 – 10 hours
Long Term Accommodation Search
1a. Research on Suitable Neighbourhoods

1b. Combing through Different Sites for Available Apartments

1c. Shortlisting Apartments

4-6 hours

6-8 hours

1-2 hours

2. Arrange and Confirm Viewing Appointments

This will repeat a couple of times until you find the right apartment for you

6-8 hours
3. Actual Viewings

Don’t forget the time off work and weekends gone to get this done!

8-12 hours
4. Documentation- Review, Sign and Make Payment to Confirm the Tenancy Agreement2-3 hours
1. Research for Bank Account and Mobile Plan2-3 hours
2. Gather Your Documentations for submission
Sometimes takes longer if you don’t have your physical work pass
1-2 hours
3. Actual Application

Those ridiculous queues!

4-8 hours
Total Time Required:40-62 hours


Yes, we know…You might be thinking I can actually get through this process with no help, so what is the value of hiring a relocation company? We think your time is better spent building a new life, meeting new friends and making a good first impression at work rather than dealing with all these tasks that will take up so much of your time and not to mention the stress!

First, a relocation company ensures you are getting the best deal by presenting you with personalized options from their trusted partners. Second, they make sure what you see is what you get. A common scenario is one where you might think you have found your perfect apartment but only to realize it was no longer on the market. Perhaps, there were hidden costs that were not previously mentioned, or the place is a 5-minute drive rather than a 5-minute walk from the train station. Ultimately wasting your effort, time and money.

This is where a relocation company takes away the anxiety and navigate any uncertainties when moving to a new country. A single point of contact to guide you in the process to relocating is well worth it. And it really isn’t as expensive as you think! Here’s a summary of more reasons why (if you are not already convinced):

  • Trustworthy insights and support from relocation experts
  • One-stop relocation solution
  • Efficient time spent on home viewings, account set up etc.
  • Reduce stress and effort
  • Save time and money
  • Most importantly, maximize time to spend with family & friends before the move