Pet Relocation

Minimise the stress of your pet’s trip with a professional door-to-door service.

Be assured that your pet will be met and walked at each transit city, and get snapshots of their progress.

Receive experienced advice on how to schedule your health checks, vaccinations, and quarantine so that your pet will be back with you as soon as possible.

Relocating your pet often takes more preparation and paperwork than moving yourself! Bringing a beloved companion to Singapore will require a few weeks of preparation in order to comply with pre-arrival requirements, such as having a microchip implanted, vaccinations, certifications, and (usually) a quarantine reservation. Then there are the post-arrival processes, such as obtaining license and arranging for inspections. Keeping track of all the requirements and optimising how things are scheduled to minimise the time separated (for both your sakes’) can be a big ask, which is why Relogo’s committed to finding you that purr-fect pet relocation specialist.