Short-term rental in Singapore

Short-Term Rental Options in Singapore

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Unless you have timed your move and home search perfectly, you will likely need somewhere temporary to live until you move into your new home. Unlike other cities where the likes of Airbnb is the default choice for those who don’t want to splurge on a serviced apartment, Airbnb is illegal in Singapore. This means your legal options are:

  • Hotels (daily stays), 
  • Serviced apartments (minimum of 7 days but daily stay available for some brands),
  • Co-living (minimum three months stay),
  • Individual apartments, professionally managed (minimum one month stay).

A common feedback we get is how expensive short-term rental accommodation options are in Singapore, so you may opt to stay in a hotel, and commit to finding a new home as soon as possible. All short-term accommodation options below are fully furnished, serviced, and include utilities.


The good thing about staying at hotels is that they allow for flexible length of stay so you can move out once your new home is available. Depending on your comfort level, hotel rates are not cheap in Singapore. You could opt for a budget hotel with minimum nightly rates of about S$150 but they will likely not be in city centers and the rooms will be small and basic. Your best option for this is to search online, use your points or if your employer has corporate rates, which are great since they have a lax cancellation policy.

Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are meant for extended stays. This means the apartment typically has a kitchenette, access to washer and dryer, housekeeping, and may even have daily breakfast buffets or friendly receptionists/concierge to welcome you home daily. is a good website to start your serviced apartment search but note that the list is not comprehensive. Like hotels, you can check for availability online and book instantly but if you are committed to one month or more, Relogo can reach out to serviced apartment providers on your behalf, to obtain preferential rates which will likely be less than what you can get online.


Co-living is a relatively new short-term (three months minimum) accommodation option in Singapore that offers shared or private accommodation options. One can choose to rent a private studio/apartment or a common room in a shared apartment. Co-living providers tend to emphasize access to communities through event programming and curation of residents. They offer fuss-free living in thoughtfully designed, all-inclusive (utilities, weekly housekeeping, fibre TV,  replenishment of essentials like toilet paper, dishwashing liquid, etc.) spaces. Some co-living companies manage an entire building and lease out rooms (thereby helping you find room-mates) with communal spaces such as kitchen, library or entertainment room. Others have rooms and apartments scattered around Singapore with engaging community events.

Let Relogo help you find the perfect co-living accommodation or refer to this: After your minimum three months lease is up, you can continue living there on a rolling monthly contract, which is a great perk if you are uncertain about your length of stay in Singapore.

Individual apartments, professionally managed 

These individual apartments are scattered all around Singapore and are professionally serviced by property management companies that have their own crew of cleaners, handymen, sales and service team, so be assured on quality standards. This is a great option for families or professionals who may prefer private apartments that are not just in the city center and the pricing also tends to be 20-30% less than serviced apartments. Lease terms range from monthly to three-month rentals and beyond. 

As you evaluate your options, here are a few things you might consider when choosing your short-term accommodation:

  • Length of stay 
  • Budget
  • Size of unit
  • Shared or private accommodation
  • Facilities
  • Washer/Dryer accessibility 
  • Accessibility to public transportation  

Let Relogo assist you with your Short-Term Accommodation in Singapore here!